17 January, 2019

Why learning Spanish with video lessons will help you

7 Benefits of learning Spanish with video lessons 1. Videos replicate the real environment The advantage of using videos to learn Spanish is that they are very similar to reality. We are “visual animals” and a video is more similar to our way of experiencing the world, compared to a written or simply spoken text. Trying […]


10 January, 2019


¿Cómo y cuándo utilizar correctamente los usos de YA?   ¡Hola a todos!   ¿Estás cansado de escuchar constantemente la palabra “ya”? ¿No tienes claro qué significa en cada contexto? Te entendemos y por eso te traemos este regalito con los usos de YA. “Ya” es una palabra que repetimos constantemente en español y no […]


3 January, 2019

Los 50 adverbios más usados en español

¿Qué y cuáles son los adverbios más usados en español?   Quizás tienes dudas con la diferencia entre un ADVERBIO y un adjetivo. Es normal, porque efectivamente son DISTINTOS. ¿Quieres entender la diferencia? En este post, te explicaremos estas diferencias, qué es un adverbio y conocerás los 50 adverbios más usados en español.   Mira […]


12 December, 2018

Aprende Hablando Method

What makes Aprende Hablando method so special?   Our strength is to offer comprehensive training in Spanish. We are not an endless tutor directory without academic guidance nor a learning language software. We are a Spanish School. Sí, una Escuela de español. And we guarantee results through our 1-on-1 method, where you are able to […]


10 December, 2018

Spanish Survival: Cómo presentarse

Cómo presentarse en Español   ¡Buen día a todos! Esta semana en Spanish Survival les enseñaremos las frases básicas para poder presentarse y tener una primera interacción con cualquier hispanohablante.   Si piensas que no sabes nada de español y que no puedes comunicarte en un primer encuentro, este post es para ti. Por tanto, […]


7 December, 2018

From Listening to Speaking: Talk, Talk and Talk

What’s the secret to speaking fluent Spanish?   There´s no better way to put what you have learned into practice than through oral expression. What’s the secret to speaking fluent Spanish? Practice as much as you can and always try to improve your current level.   Being able to control a conversation in Spanish requires […]


5 December, 2018

Spanish Survival: Cómo alquilar un coche

Cómo alquilar un coche en español   ¡Hola de nuevo! Espero que estés muy bien y estés preparado para un nuevo capítulo de Spanish Survival. En esta ocasión, queremos explicarte cómo alquilar un coche en español. Si estás planeando un viaje a algún país de habla hispana, no tendrás ningún problema y elegirás la mejor […]


28 November, 2018

Use Cognates to Learn Spanish

What is a cognate and how can you use it to learn Spanish?   Many English words and Spanish words have Latin or Greek roots and the same meaning. These words are called cognates. The Spanish language borrows many English words and, vice versa, English borrows many Spanish words. By knowing a few simple rules, […]


25 November, 2018

How much time should I dedicate to learn Spanish?

A real estimation of time to learn Spanish   To know a real estimation of time to learn Spanish, we need to differentiate between input and output learning:   INPUT LEARNING:   It is the time you spend listening to the radio or podcasts in Spanish, learning with Duolingo, watching Spanish Netflix series or Youtube […]

Words in spanish

20 November, 2018

1000 Most Common Words in Spanish

The top 1000 most frequently used words in Spanish   Learning a language is never an easy task. However, it’s not nearly as hard as we all make it out to be. Learning the 1,000 most common words in Spanish is a reasonable goal to push yourself toward learning Spanish. Focus your efforts on these […]