26 September, 2018

10 differences between DELE vs. SIELE.

In our post today, we will show you the main 10 differences between the two official certifications in Spanish Language: DELE and SIELE.


The exams DELE and SIELE are nowadays the two international official certifications in Spanish. They are not identical but they share the same contents and recognision. Also,they are both based on the Common European Framework. In other words, the main difference is in their structure and how they operate.


We have summerised below what we consider the main differences between them, but if you want to know all the specifications, you can check them in the official pages of DELE and SIELE.




We hope this post will be useful for you and has clarify your doubts about DELE vs. SIELE certifications. If you need help for preparing your DELE or SIELE exam, we have courses specialized focus on getting your DELE and SIELE certifications. To have more info about them, press in the following  link.


See you soon!


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