Becoming the Perfect Student of Language

21 January, 2019

Is there only one kind of Perfect Student of Language?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a perfect student?

When it comes to learning a new language, what does it really mean to become the perfect student of language?


The first thing you have to realize is that there can be a big discrepancy between the language you learn in a classroom and the language you actually hear on the street.

If you have ever taken a Spanish class and then tried to converse with someone that has spoken Spanish their entire life, you know what this means.

It often leaves you standing there wondering what on Earth everyone just said and wondering if you will ever be able to converse with someone in their native language.

Find the Approach That Works for You

Most of the time, learning how to converse with people in their own language involves finding the approach that works best for you.


The truth is, some approaches are simply less effective for certain individuals than others.

If you do very well in a traditional classroom setting, this might mean that this is where you need to go in order to learn well enough to speak Spanish. If you learn better online, that might be your approach. If you have already tried both of these approaches and none of it has worked for you, it might be time to consider getting a coach that can teach you in a one-on-one environment.


It is equally important to remember that Spanish is a language with many different dialects. People that are native speakers of the language use those dialects that are related to the areas in which they grew up. As a result, the words might be a little bit different.


Therefore, you have to remember not to get too frustrated if you don’t catch what somebody said the first time around. Merely ask them to repeat it and slow down a little bit.

With practice, you will eventually get it.

Use Your Skills

Just like anything else, it isn’t enough to merely learn Spanish and then never use those skills.

If you took a Spanish class five years ago and you haven’t spoken a word of it since then, you are going to find it difficult to converse with people that are already speaking it.

You might remember certain words, but you are probably going to find yourself falling behind when you try to talk to someone in Spanish because it is virtually impossible to keep up.


If you continue to use your skills on a regular basis, you will eventually find that in most cases, you can keep up with native speakers of the language and have a regular conversation with them without any difficulty.



Learning Spanish is not really all that different from anything else. It all comes down to understanding that you have to find an effective way to learn and then use those skills once you have them.

As long as you are willing to do those two things, the rest will come fairly easily, even if you do struggle with certain aspects of the language.


The most important thing for you to remember is that you shouldn’t become frustrated when you struggle. If you just keep working at it, things will eventually come to you.


If you want to study Spanish, and you realized that what fits you is a Spanish couch in one-on-one online lessons, we are here to help you. Let’s join a trial Spanish class!!

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