How Hebrew native speaker can learn Spanish

9 April, 2021

Learning a new language is a huge challenge. If your mother language is close to what you are trying to learn, it gets easy but if you are trying to learn a language that you never heard in your entire life, it get’s really hard to get your head around alphabets, speaking, and writing. 


In this article, I am going to describe how native Hebrew speakers can learn Spanish the easy way.


Here are few easiest ways to learn Spanish as a Hebrew native speaker.


Online schools

Signing up for a physical school can be expensive. Due to the global pandemic, they have closed anyway, so you only have the option to hire a teacher online.

There are thousands of online Spanish schools, but you’d know you are getting ripped off? I’d suggest reading reviews of schools you want to join, check how long they have been business, and some general background checks.


We at Aprende Hablando offer online Spanish classes starting at just 49$ per month.


Free resources

There is no doubt hiring a Spanish teacher is the quickest way to learn the language, but nobody can afford it and I understand. If you are a DIY guy and have the time to learn and practice yourself, there are tons of free resources to do it. 


First, figure out what platform you like the most. For example, I can listen to podcasts and audio content all day long for 12 hours a day. Some people can binge-watch videos and some can read for hours so it depends on which medium you like the most.


Once you figure it out, download free content whether it is books, video, audio! The most content you consume, the easier it gets to practice and learns Spanish. If you are a beginner student I highly recommend you Duolingo. Duolingo can teach you vocabulary and basic structures to put it to use. As you progress, you will learn more advanced vocabulary and some basic grammatical functions. However, you will need to interact with native speakers in order to reach an intermediate-advanced level. This might sound obvious, but the practice is the key to learning any language. There is no other way around.

At Aprende Hablado School we offer Free Conversation Clubs. By joining these weekly clubs, you will be able to meet and talk to other Spanish language students, and a native teacher will moderate the class’s conversation. Keep in mind that the minimal standard by which you should grade your Spanish is that someone can understand you. So start speaking and get feedback from a real person! 

Making Spanish friends online  

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to learn Spanish. There are hundreds of Facebook groups and online communities for Spanish speakers. But why would a stranger talk to you?



Now it depends on how well you communicate, I have seen soo many dating experts make soo many Spanish friends but nobody is a dating expert, guess what? You still can make friends and continue the conversation if you can spend some money on gifts.


Send gifts to your online friends, a traditional Israeli product would be a great gift for someone living abroad. For example, buying your friend star of David necklace.


This doesn’t mean your friends would charge you for teaching and speaking Spanish with you, but it would help to strengthen your relationship and make a deeper connection.


If you can spend thousands of dollars over a year on Spanish schools, I don’t think you shouldn’t spend a couple of hundreds of bucks on your friend teaching you Spanish all day long. 

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