Learning Spanish Language as an Adult

25 November, 2018

How is learning Spanish as an adult?


At first, learning Spanish as an adult seems a big dare.


When you are a child in school, it generally seems fairly easy to learn things and retain the information that you have been given. After all, most children spend anywhere from 7 to 8 hours a day in a classroom setting. This makes it relatively easy to learn new information and retain that information for later on.

Learning as an adult, on the other hand, presents a number of new challenges and can make learning exceptionally difficult.


Finding the Right Approach

The most important thing that you have to do when learning Spanish as an adult is to find the right approach.


A lot of it will depend on how well you already retain information and just as much of it will depend on your current schedule. You have to take into account all of your obligations and how much time that really leaves you to learn something new. This is one of the main reasons that adults have a harder time learning than children.


As an adult, you aren not spending 8 hours a day in a classroom going over the same material. Instead, you are spending at least 8 hours a day at work, if not more. Then, you have to come home and deal with family obligations, housework, and everything else that is thrown your way. This can leave you precious little time for focusing on learning Spanish or anything else.

It also makes it much harder to retain the information because your attention is pulled in so many different directions that it can become hard to focus.


If you find the right approach and you stick with it, you will eventually learn the language. Otherwise, you might give up before you really even get started.

Sticking With It

It is just as important to refuse to give up as it is to find the right approach.

It can be easy as an adult to decide that you really do not need to learn how to speak Spanish all that much after all, because you simply do not have the time.


The truth is, it is probably going to seem much more difficult in the first couple of weeks than it will at any point thereafter.

When you already have so many different individuals and situations vying for your attention, it can be exceptionally hard to fit something new into your schedule. It makes you feel overwhelmed and anxious.


More often than not, if you can manage to muddle through those first couple of weeks, you start to find yourself getting into a routine and it all becomes much easier.

Therefore, learning Spanish as an adult is just as much about sticking with it as it is about anything else.


If learning Spanish is what you really want, you can rest assured that you can find a way to do it.

You do not have to find a class or contact the local university. You can find a coach locally or you can even take online lessons. In the above link you can read how is learning Spanish taking online lessons.

It all comes down to the way that you learn best and what best fits your schedule.


In the end, it really comes down to how badly you want to learn the language and what you are willing to do in order to get the job done.


Good luck! And if you have any question or comment, feel free to write us!

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