Learning Spanish One-on-One

10 August, 2018

Learning Spanish



When it comes to learning Spanish and other languages, some people prefer to learn online and some cannot think of a more terrorizing thing to do. In fact, certain individuals virtually insist that they take Spanish class where they can learn one-on-one. This does not involve learning online, nor does it involve going to a big class. Instead, it involves finding someone that is skilled in speaking and teaching Spanish and working with that person on an individual basis. And this is the approach that we follow at Aprende Hablando: Learning Spanish through one-on-one Courses.


Individualized Approach

This provides the student with a lot of potential advantages. First and foremost, anyone that struggles with learning Spanish can benefit from this one-on-one approach because it gives that person the teacher’s undivided attention. As opposed to trying to run an entire class and making sure that no one is getting left behind, the person that is teaching can focus on the needs of that particular learner. This means that it’s possible for them to tailor their lesson plan to better fit the student so that they get the most out of each lesson as opposed to coming away from a lesson feeling confused and uncertain about what they’ve learned. It also gives both student and teacher an opportunity to go over things until the student is comfortable with them as opposed to being forced to move on because the class is ready to go to the next subject.


Special Coaching

The one-on-one approach works very well for people that need special coaching in order to learn Spanish fast. The truth is, learning a new language can be difficult and sometimes, it just doesn’t click for people. This is especially true for individuals that are trying to learn the language for work or something similar, yet don’t really speak it or even hear it on a routine basis. This can make it extremely difficult to learn the language in such a way that they can effectively use it when they need to.

Special coaching can make all the difference. It is only through the one-on-one approach that this can occur. Because of that, it is an important aspect to consider for anyone that has already taken a Spanish class or two and hasn’t really gotten anything out of it.


No one should allow themselves to be intimidated by learning Spanish or any other language. Everyone learns differently. Some people are very comfortable in a classroom setting and others are even more comfortable taking their lessons online in the privacy of their own homes, by themselves. Other people simply don’t get anything out of those two types of environments. For these types of individuals, one-on-one coaching can be the difference between learning Spanish effectively or giving up on it.


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