17 October, 2018

Is really necessary to study Spanish grammar?


Some people think of grammar as the rules of a language, rules that tell you the “correct” way to speak a language. For instance, why do you say big red house, not *red big house? Why do you say how much money do you have instead of *how many money?


If English is your first language, you probably don’t think about the rule. You make the correct choice instinctively because it sounds right.


Non-native speakers of English have to learn the rules. As you begin your study of Spanish, you will need to learn the Spanish grammar rules.


Why Should I Study Grammar?

Grammar helps you to communicate.

For instance, using the past tense or future tense makes it clear when something happens (I did my homework versus I will do my homework.)

Using subject pronouns lets you know who is performing the action. (I gave the book to her vs. She gave the book to me.)

Using correct grammar when speaking Spanish will help you communicate successfully with native speakers of Spanish.

How Do I Study Grammar?

Think about how you use the same type of grammar in English. Understanding your own language will help you to better understand Spanish.


Normally, a native teacher could be a good option to get that. At Aprende Hablando we offer hand-picked teachers who will help you to strengthen your Spanish.

Also, some webpages and blogs have really good explanations with a contrastive grammar between Spanish and English. (You can check our blog  👉 here).

Practice the new forms that you are learning.

After getting some practice with exercices, you should use them in context.

Completing practice activities will help you to learn the correct way to say things.

We recommend you this webpage to do Spanish grammar activities online and check your own mistakes.


Joining a Spanish Conversation Club is also a great idea to put into practice what you are learning, as well as to improve your oral skills. There, you will find people like you trying to practice their Spanish and creating confortable cultural enviroments of language exchanges.


If you want to take part in our Spanish Conversation Club and keep up with our last newa, join our Facebook Group  ➡️  Aprende Hablando-Learn By Speaking.


Use the Spanish you know as often as you can.

After all, that’s how you learned to speak English -or your mother tongue-, by hearing and speaking it every day.


So finally, try to use Spanish in any kind of situations you could. To be able to speak more in Spanish, you don’t need to live in a Spanish speaker country, what you need is spending more time thinking in Spanish. How? Increasing the number of conversations you have in Spanish each day, even with yourself.


See you soon!!



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