Why learning Spanish with video lessons will help you

17 January, 2019

7 Benefits of learning Spanish with video lessons

1. Videos replicate the real environment

The advantage of using videos to learn Spanish is that they are very similar to reality. We are “visual animals” and a video is more similar to our way of experiencing the world, compared to a written or simply spoken text.

Trying to learn Spanish only by listening is ok, but in fact, it is like watching a scene blindfolded. We don’t feel comfortable. Videos, on the other hand, allow you to feel as if you’re there with the speaker.

2. You will find customized lessons

Videos are distributed on different levels: basic, intermediate and advance. You choose lessons according to your knowledge of Spanish and because of this will feel that these classes are prepared for you and your doubts.

3. Learning Spanish with video lessons does not require as much attention

Thanks to images and sounds, it is easier to pay attention to the incentives of a video Spanish lesson rather than another type of learning material. This is one of the advantages of learning Spanish with video lessons.

Although you should carry out active listening to improve your Spanish with video lessons, paying attention to audiovisual material does not require as much effort in comparison to reading a text.

4. You learn at your own pace

If you think some lessons are more difficult than others, you could repeat them any time you want. In fact, you study at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about asking questions and disturbing the rest of the students.

5. Images reinforce what you can not understand

Sometimes, words are not clear or there are some you can’t deduce by context. Because of this, images are put in place to help guide you. If you have pictures or sign language to support your comprehension, in the end, you have what you need in order to understand it, and if you understand it you will learn it at a faster rate.

6. You can find a variety of formats

Video formats to learn Spanish vary to improve your learning speed. Some could be tutorials supported by texts, speeches, real dialogues with images, jokes in Spanish, repetitive sentences…

7. You will save money

Best of all is you will have the reach to receive all these benefits for FREE. Learning Spanish with video lessons is totally free, so you don’t have any excuse when it comes to starting your first lesson.


How and where is the best place to do it?

Nowadays, there are a lot of resources to learn Spanish with video lessons. However, in our opinion the best and more varied one is Youtube. There, you will find Spanish video lessons from many kinds of channels, from different nationalities and with different kinds of input as stories of people, simulations of daily situations, grammar explanations, vocabulary in context etc.


Another excellent point is that you choose your time. When and where you want! You choose the best time to learn Spanish through videos according to your responsibilities, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. You can watch videos anywhere if you have a smartphone with access to the internet. So easy!


And finally, you take advantage of  your downtime. There are periods during the day that we call downtime, where we are not doing anything, for example when you are traveling by bus, waiting for the doctor, or you get stuck in a queue.


Thanks to the ease with accessing your video Spanish lessons, you can use that time to increase your productivity by watching Spanish video lessons.


Our option

For novice learners that are looking for their first contact with Spanish, we recommend you use our channel of Aprende Hablando.


It focuses on simple Spanish grammar video lessons where you will find a guided practice to connect what you have learned with some exercises. There is also a section called Spanish Survival where you will find some podcasts of real dialogues in Spanish in different kind of common situations. Transcriptions and vocabulary of these podcasts are on our blog in the same name section.


Furthermore, on our channel, you will find some interviews with our students. You can take notes about their progress, recommendations and advice since they started learning Spanish. They can help you to improve your pronunciation, learn new vocabulary and become an all-round better Spanish speaker.


Song videos and their lyrics are another good way of improving your Spanish. As a result of this, on our channel, you will find a good list of song videos classified by levels and grammar topics to identify them whilst you listen to them.


Soon, we will publish our section of Spanish jokes for higher levels. With them, you can improve your comprehension level as well as developing your understanding of conotations and double meanings in Spanish. And why not? Having a really fun time with us🤪!


Further options for higher levels

Finally, we would like to share with you some other Youtube channels that can help you with their videos if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student of Spanish.


Have you heard about Why not Spanish? They are a couple from Colombia and the United States who create funny videos to help you improve your Spanish.


We highly recommend them as they have engaging activities and interviews with different Spanish accents to develop your listening skills in Spanish. Whilst you watch their videos, you will learn about the big differences between Spanish speaking countries, related to vocabulary and cultures. We recommend this channel for beginner and intermediate levels.


On the other hand, Dreaming in Spanish is another good option for you if you are looking for interesting listening experiences by listening to stories, vocabulary explanations and games. Their videos try to use basic Spanish as much as possible and are easy enough for a complete beginner in the language.


We hope this post will be useful for you and you decide to start learning Spanish with video lessons!


Thank you for reading and we hope to virtually see you soon!




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