From Listening to Speaking: Talk, Talk and Talk

7 December, 2018

What’s the secret to speaking fluent Spanish?


There´s no better way to put what you have learned into practice than through oral expression.

What’s the secret to speaking fluent Spanish? Practice as much as you can and always try to improve your current level.


Being able to control a conversation in Spanish requires a prior knowledge of other skills (listening, reading and writing). Also, oral grammatical structures and vocabulary are necessary.

In the following posts, you can understand how important are reading, grammar and vocabulary skills to get a complete knowledge of Spanish.


Speaking is the last step in a long process. But we encourage you to not give up when you lose motivation.

You must be aware of these prior steps and continue practicing as much as you can, no matter how low your level is initially.


A little bit of prep work will need to be done before the session begins, which will enable you to get the most out of your class.

The student’s development will be documented in a record. Therefore, there will be documentation for the progress made as well as the weak points to be reinforced.


Our teachers will help you from the beginning, focusing on vocabulary building, pronunciation, oral grammatical structures, error correction and understanding phrases and expressions.


In conclusion, our goal will be to optimize the abilities of each student for the best verbal practice possible.


Considering the previous recommendations, do you dare to start with us? 😉








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